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We offer operational and administrative services for medical providers and HR professionals.

Dedicated to helping medical and HR professionals thrive.

Our Mission is to streamline the process where healthcare professionals don't spend hours working on credentialing platforms. To teach and support HR professionals so they can break into the HR industry. To provide a quick turnaround for credentialing portals, provide support to employees seeking to be contractor employees.

Streamlining CAQH, CMS, NPI and administrative processes for providers in order to ensure accurate reimbursement for billable services

What We Do

Document Administration

Our Document Administration Services are offered to streamline the provider's services. In doing so, providers are paid accurately, while being billed correctly. This will insure that patients' claims are processed correctly.  In addition, we offer support for independent contractors (1099 employees) in order to be in compliance with state guidelines.

Human Resource Management

Dr. Rechner received her Master's Degree in Human Behavioral and Industrial Organizational Psychology where she realized that students were not taught the daily responsibilities of HR.


Dr. Patel, MD

Dr. Rechner has helped me after I graduated medical school. She guided me though the licensing process. She was very helpful and patient throughout the process.


Christine, LCSW

Dr. Amy has been nothing but helpful during the credentialing process. She picked up on tiny details that were overlooked by many credentialing personnel. She fixed these details and my patients’ claims are being paid correctly.


Mary, APN

Dr. Amy has been the most helpful throughout the licensing process. I didn't have knowledge of the requirements because they didn't teach us in school. She answered every question that I had and was very prompt with her responses. I recommend that brand new providers reach out to her as the process is tedious and confusing.



Dr. Amy took me under her wing when I was hired for my first HR position. She taught me the entire process from recruitment to off-boarding. She was very detailed in her training which gave me confidence in my new skillset. I would recommend learning from her in order to be prepared for your dream job!



Dr. Amy taught me the entire HR scope which is difficult to understand when you are a brand new HR rep. She taught me how to create policies and procedures as well as the steps that need to be taken to enforce them. I would recommend learning from Dr. Amy as she has tons of experience.



Dr. Amy teaches HR professionals because she wants them to succeed in their roles. If I have questions or need clarification, I always reach out to her first.  I will always recommend that everyone learns from her because she is the best!

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